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The Benefits of SEO Without the Hassle of Setting It Up

You know that search engine optimization is a key part of your online marketing.

However, you don’t have the time to take on a big website SEO project.


SEO isn’t just about keywords and headings anymore.

It is now about creating a plan that:

  • Lines up with your business goals.
  • Highlights your value and the problems you solve.
  • Appeals to your ideal clients.
  • Connects all of your marketing efforts to show Google you’re worth showing in search engine results.


Additionally, if your business deals with people’s health, money, finances, or safety, Google holds your site to even higher standards.

If you don’t meet these standards, your SEO will suffer. You could even get a Google penalty that could impact your website for months or years.

It’s Time to Show Up Differently Online

Done for you, professional SEO services can give you the head start you need to:


  • Maximize your online marketing efforts and budget.
  • Stand out from the competition.
  • Give you a strong SEO and digital marketing foundation so you can show up higher in search engine results. The higher you show up, the more likely your ideal clients will find you.

Are you ready to get all of the benefits of Search Engine Optimization to boost your current and future success?

Let’s start with a 60-minute SEO consultation to talk about what you need and next steps.

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What is included in the Website SEO Set Up?

  • Client introduction questionnaire.
  • 30-45 minute introduction call to discuss your needs and identify project goals.
  • Website SEO audit and analysis.
  • SEO set up for up to 5 pages. This includes:

* Setting the main keywords for the page and adding related keywords to help you rank.

* Fixing main titles, sub-headings, and image descriptions to get the most SEO credit for your content.

* Filling in the slug, SEO title, meta descriptions.

* Linking to appropriate pages within the website.

  • Complete SEO report which includes:

* Instructions for you or your website designer for additions or changes to make for technical optimization (e.g., site architecture changes, adding a plugin).

* Lists of keywords for each optimized web page so that you can use them for creating content and tracking your progress.

* Checklist for what you need to monitor every 3 months.

* Customized recommendations for actions you can take over the next 3-6 months to help boost your SEO.

  • 30-45 minute call at the end of the project to walk you through the SEO setup and your next steps.

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How long does the SEO Set Up take?

The project is complete within 4-6 weeks.

The project will take longer if the client delays returning paperwork or additional content.

Projects lasting more than 6 weeks due to client delays will be billed for extra time.

How much does the SEO Set Up cost?

The investment for the SEO Set-Up starts at $3,500.  The actual investment is based on the size, scope, and complexity of the project.

You will know the cost upfront after we discuss your needs.  That way, you can feel confident in your marketing investment.

What type of payment methods do you accept?

All major credit and debit cards are accepted. Your card will be processed through Square.

Can I get a full refund?

Once you sign the contract and I begin to work on your project, you can cancel the contract within 2 weeks of the kick-off call.

You will still be responsible for $1900 of the $2300.

If you paid in full, you will be refunded $400.

If you split your payment, you will be responsible for the $1900 you were charged in the first payment.  You will not be refunded any of this amount.  You will not be charged the second payment.

The reason for this is that I get started on your project right away. Within the 2 week period, I will have completed over half of the work that your website needs. You will get all of the benefits of the work I have done on your site until that point.

As a result, I only issue a small, partial refund.

What is the cancellation policy?

You may cancel this project within 24 hours of receiving the contract and invoice.

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