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You want your ideal clients to find you online. You may have heard that search engine optimization (SEO) is key for that to happen. Without SEO, the search engines can’t find or show your website to potential clients. Without SEO, your great work doesn’t get seen. The good news is that, with some time and patience, doing SEO yourself (i.e. DIY SEO) is very possible. You can get in front of your ideal clients while working with your budget. It’s a win-win.

Can I do my own SEO?


Absolutely! My goal is to empower you to make the most of your website.

Each online class, resource, or digital guide will help you build a key SEO or digital marketing skill you need now to get in front of your ideal clients!

The more you learn about SEO, the more progress you’ll make. This means more new clients saying, “I found you on Google!”

These non-techy classes and guides are in plain English. That’s what I love about them.

Simple SEO systems for busy business owners


I’ve put these SEO tips, classes, and resources together specifically for values driven business owners like coaches, healers, therapists, and counselors.

Every SEO and marketing resource I’ve listed is relevant to the type of website you have!

Add to your DIY SEO and marketing toolkit to 


⦁ Climb Google’s search rankings.
⦁ Get more clients.
⦁ Make more money.
⦁ Build a marketing plan that works for you.

Ready to do SEO yourself?


I got in front of ideal clients and referral sources by teaching myself SEO!

If DIY SEO can work for me, it can probably work for you too. Here’s how I know:

⦁ I’m not techy.
⦁ I don’t have any special website or SEO certifications.
⦁ I’ve never had a huge marketing budget.
⦁ I’m willing to invest the time and money it takes to learn certain skills on my own.

If you’re here, these likely describe you too.

Get started by finding the SEO resource or class you need now. I’ve also included other digital marketing resources that I’ve used and can wholeheartedly recommend.

Get the tools you need when you need them, and in a way that fits your budget.

Best DIY SEO classes, tips, and resources

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Best tool for finding keywords and optimizing content


The best keyword tool for finding the best keywords and optimizing your content so that is can rank better: Keysearch

I’ve been using Keysearch for years. It’s an excellent, affordable, accurate keyword research tool. I often prefer using it over some of the more popular and premium SEO tools on the market.

With just a basic monthly membership, you can also use Keysearch to:
⦁ Optimize content (i.e., tweak it to help it rank better).
⦁ Look at your website’s performance and backlinks.
⦁ See what your competitors are doing on their websites.
⦁ Optimize descriptions for YouTube.


If you want an all-in-one SEO tool that won’t cost a fortune, I highly recommend Keysearch.


Click here to get Keysearch at the discounted rate of $17 per month.

Get an additional 20% off when you sign up for the Simple SEO Systems newsletter below!




Protect your website and business using these essential legal templates


Amira Irfan is a business attorney who started blogging and creating legal templates for bloggers and business owners as a “side hustle.” She’s committed to helping business owners protect themselves with the correct legal documentation.


I’ve been using the Starter Legal Bundle (Privacy Policy, Disclaimers, Terms & Conditions) for my private practice website for almost 10 years. I recommend them on a regular basis to my SEO clients. Click here to purchase this legal bundle.


As my practice and SEO business have grown, I’ve upgraded to the larger bundles. As a result, I have access to always-updated, ready-to-go contracts for different situations including guest blogging, testimonials on my website, podcast guests, and disclaimers for e-books.


If you want an easy, affordable way to protect your website and business, I highly recommend Amira’s contract templates. Click here to view and purchase the legal contract templates.







Write and launch a successful e-book


Have you ever thought about writing an ebook to increase your audience reach and impact? Are you trying to add a new revenue stream to your business through info products?


If you would like to finally write and publish that e-book, I highly recommend the Launch Your Profitable E-Book Course by Dale Persons of Blogging Her Way. Although targeted to bloggers, anyone who is a subject matter expert will benefit from this easy to understand course.


It’ll walk you through every step of the brainstorming, writing, and marketing process. As a bonus, Dale will review your book and provide feedback before you publish!


I’ve taken this course and worked with Dale on a separate project. I can attest to how helpful, knowledgeable, and patient she is. Click here for the Launch Your Profitable E-Book Course.


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