I’m Dr. Ronit Levy

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You’re here because you’re a go-getter and problem solver.  You take the lead. You started your business to have the freedom and flexibility you’ve always dreamed of.

Run your business. Don’t let it run you.


The world is changing quickly. What worked before might not work now. That’s why it feels like you’re wasting time, energy, and money.

You’re tired of chasing trends or forcing yourself to use marketing strategies you don’t like.

You’re also very busy.  There aren’t enough hours to do everything yourself and focus on what you love. 

You know it’s time to bring in an advisor.  That’s where I come in. 

Hi, I’m Dr. Ronit Levy

When I started my private practice in 2013, I did what everyone else was doing to bring in new patients and clients:

  • I hosted lunch-and-learns.
  • I bought everyone in town coffee.
  • I left brochures and cards everywhere.

I even had my family put stickers with my practice logo on 200 cellophane bags of cookies for a local health fair.


The results? Not much. Even the cookies didn’t help.


Closing my practice and working for someone else wasn’t an option.


Instead, I took a risk.  I turned to this thing that bloggers were using to get traffic to their websites: SEO (search engine optimization).

This is how I got in front of people who needed me:

I used simple SEO strategies that worked with my strengths.

SEO & marketing that lead to real results

The results of all that time and work?

  • I grew and filled my solo psychotherapy practice.
  • I grew and filled a group therapy practice.
  • I switched business models without losing referrals.
  • My private practice website has been on the first page of Google for over 7 years.
  • I’ve helped entrepreneurs, therapists, and coaches build their online presence with simplified SEO consulting for almost a decade.
  • I’ve helped business owners profit from their online presence with a strong SEO system as a foundation for their marketing.
  • I’ve helped entrepreneurs in different industries make more money.

How I help you get the results you want

Using simplified SEO consulting and business coaching, I help therapists, coaches, & business owners:


  • Show up authentically and easily online.
  • Connect with potential clients and partners.
  • Grow their impact.

SEO & marketing for small businesses that are ready to grow


With over 20 years of experience in healthcare, business, and executive consulting. I create customized online marketing, business, and SEO systems that:

  • Work with my clients’ strengths
  • Highlight their expertise and experience
  • Meet their goals and definition of success.
  • Fit their work style.
  • Allow them to be themselves.
  • Increase search engine traffic.
  • Connect with the right traffic (i.e. ideal clients).
  • Turn website visitors into paying clients.
  • Are doable and sustainable.

SEO consulting

that sets you up

for success

Save yourself the stress of trying to figure out websites, SEO, and how to grow your business on your own. 

Your talent and time are better spent on activities that bring out the best in you.

I create business and SEO solutions that empower you, build on your strengths, and set you up for success.

If you’re ready to invest in your future, let’s work together to launch the next phase of your business.

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