Grow Your Business & Online Presence On Your Terms

You’re entrepreneurial, creative, and forward thinking.

You’re different from the others in your industry.

That’s why your clients want to work with you.

You have big plans and want to succeed on your terms.

But, you might be at a point where you’re realizing that: 

  • Cookie-cutter business and SEO systems don’t work for you.
  • Your marketing efforts are guided by anxiety instead of strategy.
  • You’re putting effort into every trend or idea without seeing results.

Here’s some good news:

  • Marketing and running a business in a way that fits with your style, needs, and goals don’t have to be complicated.
  • We just need to connect the dots between your goals, search engine optimization (SEO), and marketing.

That’s where I come in.

Hi, I’m Dr. Levy

If you’re ready to expand your business and online presence without chasing overhyped trends, you’re in the right place.

With 20 years of experience as a business and leadership consultant, psychologist, successful private practice owner, and SEO specialist, I’ve helped entrepreneurial therapists, coaches, and values-driven businesses increase their clients, impact, and profits.

They got the results they wanted through:

  • Simplified and effective SEO consulting.
  • Creating business and marketing systems that worked for them.

I can help you.


I do more than make marketing and SEO simple. I help you:


  • Rank well on Google and other search engines.
  • Show up online in front of people who want your services and expertise.
  • Turn website visitors into paying clients.
  • Give you tools and systems for making marketing and business decisions that come with growth.

Guess what? It doesn’t mean doing exactly what everyone else does.

Marketing & SEO Consulting Services


SEO Consulting & Services

SEO that isn’t linked to strategy is a waste of money. Forget overhyped formulas and trends that don’t work.

Grow your online presence and business with simplified SEO systems that are doable and sustainable. 

DIY SEO & Marketing

You want to learn new SEO and marketing tools so that you can get the best results for your budget.

Check out these DIY resources that will teach you the skills you need, when you need them.

Success—Your Way—Starts with a Strategy Session

Want to make marketing, SEO, and growing your business easier?

Get clear on what you do, who you help, and the marketing activities that bring out the best in you.

Once you have these in place, we can:

  • Get Google to help the right potential clients find you.
  • Create marketing systems that energize you.
  • Help website visitors turn into clients who want to pay your fee and refer people to you.

The results of having a solid SEO system in place?

  • Easily connecting with the clients you want to work with.
  • Spending your time on what you really value.
  • Saving yourself the hassle of doing everything, all of the time.

The results of solid SEO, marketing, and business planning

  • You’ll stop wasting time and money on anything that seems like the answer. 
  • You’ll stop overthinking or avoiding challenges.
  • You’ll feel like your business and marketing are serving and energizing you.

Ready to get started?

A paid 60-minute strategy session gives you the clarity and guidance you need now

You’ll walk away with:

  •  Answers to your questions, action steps, and resources that you can use ASAP. 
  •  Clarity on what kind of SEO, marketing, and/or business support make sense right now. 

Shutting down the noise and focusing on your goals and needs really can be this simple. 

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